Vintage cars lovers all over the world, there’s a way for you to bring your passion inside your home.

What is the concept behind motoring art and Philippe Lepape ?

I blend visual and graphic car arts with innovative interior design, delivering custom-made solutions from exclusive brands to create exquisite homes in garage style. My gallery hosts impressive displays by prominent pictures.

I am a car and art aficionados. When art is born out of passion and expertly produced, it begs to be seen. My design and art space draws to deliver stunning projects.
With plenty of time for contemplation during the pandemic, I realised there was high demand for a bespoke service and, with this in mind, I decided to pool my skills and set up a design studio specialising in car art and home decorating.

What services are offered by me ?

I seek to understand clients’ taste and budgetary requirements, then guide them through the design process, to achieve their vision of decorating their home.

I help clients purchase a new home style with my pictures, communicate their desires. This is a true turn key solution for the completion of their car art decorating project.

I understand personal service and how to deliver the unique picture you need. From the traditional to latest trends, I search for originality and, of course, a quality finish with superb attention to detail.

How would you define your own artistic style ?

My work is eclectic, car, race car, bike, airplane … be it watercolours, on Digigraphy or canvas or photography. My forte is car art illustration for frames and murals, sometimes on a huge scale and often at a considerable height! My distinctive style is stamped on each individual project.

I can stick to the existing décor, or adapt a mural to suit a space. Be it transforming a staff room into a garage or wallpapering a giant Ford GT40 at Le Mans or Ac Cobra, I like to think that my scope is limitless. My 50 years of experience, together with my experience in advertising, give me insight into the industry and the ability to undertake any task. I am currently working on a collection of vintage race cars for an exhibition.

Building on my experience, opening a design and art studio has proved to be a wise choice. If you have a creative project, I invite you to visit my website to bring it to reality.